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Vacation in France

Me and my family are going on a vacation in France soon. We're going to rent our own chateau in Brittany. I've always wanted to go there and now I finally am. It's going to be an awesome trip! And the best part of it all is that we're renting our own castle. It's like a dream come true. We're going to have a huge castle of our own to do whatever we want in. And the environment there is great as well. The landscape is so beautiful from the pictures I've seen and I really hope that it's ...

Renting out the house

We still have our house in the Netherlands. When we moved it was not a good time to sell, so we decided to rent it out. By now the first tenant has moved out and another family moved in. They are very nice, pay the rent every month and already indicated that they would like to extend the contract. We have visited them twice and they are very happy with the house. If we're in the house, it also doesn't feel like our house anymore and it shows that the tenants are there to stay. As long as the selling ...

Emergency bracelet

Have you ever walked alone outside late at night sometime? I have done that a couple of times and you never feel safe. It always feels like someone is going to jump at you and rob you or worse. But I've heard of a brilliant idea that is called a gps bracelet! It's a bracelet that lets you closest friends or a family member to know where you are in case you should encounter any danger. It sounds great doesn't it? I know that I would feet much safer if i had one of those on me at all times!